Research and Consultation リサーチ及びコンサルティング事業



  • 徳島大学「大学シーズ・ニーズ創出強化支援事業(イノベーション対話促進プログラム)」リサーチ担当
  • JICA「社会開発事業ファンド民間連携プロジェクト基礎調査」
  • JICA「BOPビジネスの開発効果向上のための評価及びファイナンス手法に係る基礎調査」
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Research in Japan and abroad

  • Tokushima University: Researcher of “The Support Business in The Creation and Reinforcement of Seeds/ Needs in University ”(The Promotion Program of Innovation Dialogue) “
  • JICA: “The Basic Research of the Fund-Private Cooperated Project on Social Development Business ”(Accepted as NPO Soket)
  • JICA ”The Basic Research of Finance Method and Evaluation on BOP Business Development Effectiveness Improvement”(Attended as a Support Member of ARUN)
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  • JICA BOPビジネス促進FS受託「障がい者の社会復帰を目指す足こぎ車いすBOP事業準備調査報告書」
    仙台に本社をおく足こぎ車イスメーカーである株式会社TESSのJICA BOPビジネス促進FS受託、コンサルタントして参画
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  • 草の根技術協力(地域経済活性化特別枠)事業「ベトナムでの足こぎ車いすを利用したリハビリモデル開発及び、リハビリ人材育成プロジェクト」
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  • 経産省平成25年度「途上国における適応対策への我が国企業の貢献可視化に向けた実現可能性調査事業」採択案件
    川崎地質株式会社「大メコン圏経済回廊における気候変動 による斜面土砂災害の防災・減災事業」での事業構築支援
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Business Development and Construction in Japan and Abroad

  • Commissioned Business by JICA BOP Business Acceleration “The Investigative Report on Preparation for BOP Business of A Pedal-Driven Wheelchair aiming for Disabled People Social Rehabilitation”
    Commissioned by TESS Co.,Ltd , the manufacturer of a pedal-driven wheelchair based in Sendai, and Participated as a consultant
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  • The Grass-Root Cooperative Business (the Special Category of Local Economy Revitalization )”The Development of Rehabilitation Model and Human Resource Project by Using a Pedal-Driven Wheelchair in Vietnam ”
    The three-year Project Started in March 2014 by Cooperating with TESS Co.,Ltd , the manufacturer of a pedal-driven wheelchair based in Sendai,
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  • The Adopted Business by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry “The Research Business on Feasibility for the Visualization of Japan’s Corporate Contribution on Adapted Policy in Developing Countries”
    The Supporting Business on Kawasaki Geology Co.,Ltd ‘s “Disaster Prevention and Reduction Business on Sediment Disaster by the Climate Change in the Big-Mekong Economic Corridor”
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